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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 - Does my Youtube Channel still get full credit for the viewing of the Videos that I share on

Yes! We do not take any commission for the viewing of videos on our Site. You will still take full Credit for all your views and Subscriptions.

2 - How can I submit my Video to

You can either use the form on this page to submit your video or send us information about your video to, whichever works better for you.

3 - Can I take my video off of if I want to?

With you will have the option to either delete your video completely off our website or suspended for a period of time. You also have the option to only air your video for a certain time.

4 - Can I submit videos with adult content to

Sorry but we do not share any Adult content on

5 - How long does it take for my video to be live on after I submit it?

It should only take a few hours or at the most 24 hours before your video is available on

6 - What if I have a video that does not fit any of the Categories you offer?

If you think of a category that we do not offer at the moment you can always use this form to suggest another category. If we believe that other users may benefit from the new category we will be more than happy to add it.

7 - Does host videos on it's own servers?

Unfortunately not at the moment. We only share Videos that are hosted on Youtube. We are working on adding other Videos that are hosted with other video sharing websites.

8 - How can I take my video out of

You can use the form below to contact us about taking your video off our website.

9 - How do I know how many people watched my video on

Usually Google and Youtube have that information available for you, especially if you have your analytics available on Google. At the moment you are able to see how many views your video received on by looking at the counter at the bottom of the screen. We are working on adding other tools to help you get more information about your video views on

10 - How long does it usually take to remove my video off after I submitt an inquiry?

It should not longer that few hours or at the most 24 hours before your Video is taken off

11 - Can I submit videos that are hosted with other video sites like Vimeo, dailymotion and other video websites?

At the moment we only share videos that are hosted with Youtube. We are working on supporting other video hosting websites including Facebook.

12 - How can I tell my friends about my videos on

At you can use the form on the right of your screen to let your friends know that you shared videos on or use other social media sharing links to let your friends and followers know about your videos.

13 - Does pay Video owners for posting their video on

At the moment does not pay contributers for sharing their videos on We do not make any Money out of sharing your videos.

14 - How does pay for the hosting maintenance costs and other costs that come with running a website?

All the costs of running the website are paid for by the website owner. There are no Ads on the Site to support the expenses.

15 - How can I support

You can support by making a donation using this form or by buying something from our shop coming soon.

16 - Why should I share my Videos on

The idea behind making available to our users was to help them share their videos with our user base. Unlike other video websites we try to keep a one on one relationship with our users so they do not get lost in our platform like other websites do.

17 - Who is owner of is owned and operated by Victoria Hendricks. Programming and coding is done either by her or by other coders.

18 - How can I submit edits, questions, complaints, suggestions or praises about

At we welcome all kinds of feedback. You can use this form to contact us about anything you wish.

19 - Can I advertise on

At the momemnt we do not offer any advertisment on To help support the site we are hoping to implement that in the future. If you are interested in Advertising with us please let us know and we will contact you as soon as we do.