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The Point of it All (Part 3 of 3) : Foamy The Squirrel: Submitted by: Willis | Date Added: 13 Dec 2016
Listed in: Animation

Notes on “The Point of it All” and where the series goes from here.
With all 3 parts of “The Point of it All” posted, I can actually give some notes on the series without spoiling anything for anyone. (If you haven't seen the episodes, stop now!) For years (15 of 'em) I put together an odd trip through Germaine's mind, starting with the very first episode showing Germaine vigorously typing on her computer, constantly getting distracted by her pet squirrel. Though my skills have improved (a little) the seeds were planted way back then. As the series continued there were some odd instances that left people scratching their heads, wondering, “What the hell is this guy doing to the series?” Various hair style changes, bizarre situations that just didn't seem to quite fit with what was going on, but, there was and is, a reason. The thing most people overlooked was Germaine has always been a writer at heart. A poet, a creative mind. An artist of sorts that lives in her own head. She twists reality in her mind in order to cope with it's soul-crushing boredom. A guy delivering a pizza, could be a potential stalker. A neighbor and his dog could be searching for the secret of a mythical squirrel that just so happens to be her pet. A boring job as a coffee-house clerk could be so much more fun with magically enhanced boobs. The list goes on. Essentially, we've all been living in her head for the last 15 years.

So now what? With all this info out now, I can freely jump back and forth, in and out of her mind. So if there's an episode where she has blue hair or odd body proportions, chances are, we're seeing things from her perspective.

For me, I always thought all this was obvious, but the more comments I read, the more I realized I was never quite clear about it. So instead of correcting people, I kept it a secret, never mentioned it, never revealed it to anyone, (Not even Dawn B.) and let things settle for over a decade. For some the whole concept of “seeing life from an artists eyes” may seem underwhelming or a bit “meh”, but if anything, keeping it a secret for 15 years has been quite the accomplishment. And for those wondering why the series is called “Neurotically Yours”, and not “Foamy The Squirrel”. It's goes back to writing. It's meant as closing to a the story of Germaine's life. A story by a quirky, awkward girl who has written and lived her own life in her head, eventually signing off... “Neurotically Yours...”

So with that out of the way, I'm gearing up to put the “Neurotic” back in Neurotically Yours. So, back to work!

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